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"2014 Time to Plan and make Changes - SMSC Religious Education in Schools, Colleges and Universities" - Head Teachers, Deputy, PSHCE and SEAL Co-ordinators, Admin Staff, History & Geography, Science - Community and Parents Governor Council. Humanities, Global Citizenship & Sociology and Politics
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1. Who is this advice for?  SMSC updated Education Departmental advice for independent schools, academies and free schools, headteachers or other staff of those schools who are responsible for curriculum. 'Religious Education: Realising the Potential', Ofsted October 2013 http://www.multifaiths.com/pdf/latestsmsc2014.pdf

2. SMSC education provides opportunities for young people to discuss social justice; controversial issues; and what different religions and beliefs say about global issues such as health, wealth, war and the environment. They reflect on their own and other’s identities and motivations.

1st Week of February 2014  The World Interfaith Harmony Week - Spirituality in Classroom

b.   Primary Unicef Assemblies Ideas  http://www.multifaiths.com/pdf/primary_assemblies_unicef.pdf

c.   Kenya Black African History   http://www.multifaiths.com/pdf/africanhistory1.pdf

d.   Global Learners  http://www.multifaiths.com/pdf/globallearners.pdf

e.  Hindu Festivals and the Christian understaning 1957 on India's festivals Calendar

f.  Teaching SMSC Jewish Heritage - Download Powerpoint Presentation

g. The Jewish Christian Calendar Time Line - Mind fulness of the Divine Rhythm
    To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven (Eccl 3:1)

h.  Council of Europe’s book Religious Diversity : Education for Intercultural in schools  http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0018/001890/189051e.pdf

4. Download Feb, March and April 2014 Monthly A3 Planner - The school's cultural values are reinforced through displays of Monthly Planner throughout the school. http://www.multifaiths.com/pdf/feb2014.pdf

Tasks - Introduce a multicultural calendar and use it as a resource to construct a class birthday dates. Write each student's name against the date of their birthday on the planner. (b) Time Calendar Religion Culture SMSC Training - Download Presentation   http://www.multifaiths.com/pdf/teaching.pdf

Daily use of a calendar for Cultural Diversity will assist students to understand the nature of diverse cultural celebrations, national and international special days as well as highlight individual students’ birthdays. Astronomical & Arithmetical calendar. http://www.multifaiths.com/pdf/calendarstory.pdf

5. Ask the class whether anyone knows what their name means. Each day, read out the key celebrations or events for that day. When it is a student's birthday, point out any other special occasions celebrated on their day. These may also be used as an class activity focus. Using Daily Calendar Time to Help Students Learn and Review Key Skills. http://www.fbiic.gov/public/2008/nov/Naming_practice_guide_UK_2006.pdf

6. Time Solar Lunar Calendar Religion Culture SMSC Training Education - Our New 2014 - 2015

Multifaiths Planner eBook is updated  - Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education Calendar eBook.  Good for Multi Faiths Assemblies - A3 Size Monthly Planner Religion & Belief 120 Pages ebooks digital editions that can be viewed on PC, Mac, Netbooks, Tablets, iPads, iPhones.

Bahai's, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jain, Judaism, Pagan, Sikh, Shinto and Zoroastrian. As well as Chinese, Jewish, Indian, Muslim, solar or lunar Calendars etc.

7. Fostering School, Family, and Community Involvement, by Howard Adelman and Linda Taylor, provides an overview of the nature and scope of collaboration, explores barriers to effectively working together, and discusses the processes of establishing and sustaining the work.

(b) Specialist Schools and Academies Trust - Professor Alma Harris and Dr Janet Goodall - University of Warwick - Engaging Parents in Raising Achievement Do Parents Know They Matter? Fullfill Parent / Carer Views Satisfaction

18 Nov 2013 Christians Face 'Extinction,' By John Bingham, Religious Affairs Editor
Christianity is just a “generation away from extinction” in Britain unless churches make a dramatic breakthrough in attracting young people back to the faith, the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey has warned.

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2014 - 2015 Multi Faiths Navigators Talks for ‘train the trainer’ Education Sector. We are giving presentation, in areas of particular interest to services users and provider of education, chaplaincy, equality, local government, local interfaith groups.  http://www.multifaiths.com/multifaithsorder2014.do


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