Vedic History

There are as many versions of ancient history as there are cultures and historians; however, none of them record events older than about 5,000 years ago. Vedic history goes back far beyond 5,000 years, but due to the disinformation campaign it is not accepted as history but instead branded mythology.

What follows is the factual history of the universe according to the Vedic literature. You will find in it a convincing explanation for many puzzling facts in the history of the world. It also helps explain the cause of the disinformation about the Vedic culture and the real cause of the program of cultural imperialism that seems determined to corrupt and destroy all native cultures in the world, and wipe out any trace of actual spiritual truth.

The Vedic story of creation
From time to time in the eternal, unlimited spiritual world, a dark cloud covers part of the self-effulgent spiritual sky. This cloud is the total material creation, and its quality of consciousness is nescience—darkness, ignorance or forgetfulness. Within this cloud, Lord Maha - Visnu lies down on the Causal Ocean and creates an unlimited number of material universes, which expand from the pores of His gigantic eternal transcendental body.

Within each universe are the unmanifest dimensions, time, space and material ingredients for an unlimited number of galaxies, stars and planets, each full of variegated life forms undergoing samsara: the endless round of birth, growth, hard work, suffering, disease, old age and death that characterizes material existence.

Lord Maha-Visnu again expands Himself into unlimited forms of Garbhodakasayi Visnu, the universal controller, and enters within each universe. Inside the universe, Lord Brahma, the first created being, is born in a lotus flower that grows from the navel of Garbhodakasayi Visnu. Lord Brahma fashions the unmanifest material ingredients created by Lord Visnu into the planetary systems and other material manifestations, including the various species of life on different levels of planetary systems, using transcendental sound vibration (sabda-brahman).

The planetary systems are divided into three classes: hellish planets, earthly planets and heavenly planets. The living beings (spirit souls) in the universe transmigrate endlessly from one type of material body, planet and living condition to another based on their desire, activities and the resulting karma. Our current location is on an earthly planet within one of the smallest and short-lived of these material universes.

To save the living beings from the suffering of material existence and make it possible for them to attain liberation from samsara, the all-compassionate Lord Maha-Visnu expands the Vedic literature from His breathing. Veda means knowledge, and the Vedic literature contains all the knowledge the living beings require to solve all the problems of material existence and return back to their original home, the spiritual world, where they can be happy eternally.

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