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Can I pay using paypal? Yes, you can pay using paypal. We are using secure payment method by which you can pay us using paypal or credit card.

Can I pay by cheque or BACS by Local Authority we are educational establishment?
Yes, you can, register your account first and send a advice note for your request

2012coverI paid but I am not able to login on the site and the calendar login?
Please check your BULK/SPAM box for the confirmation message.
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Take a look at our packages for information on all the benefits you receive. Within a culturally diverse group new ideas are produced, communications are improved and bridges are built to the people needing services. We have members who are from all walks of life, parents, family members, carers, professionals, support groups, hospitals and anyone who is interested in receiving the latest information from us.
Advantages for our Multifaiths Members:
* Serves as a place for critical dialogue with people with the same or similar concerns.link exchange
* Facilitates access to international know-how and advice.
* Offers co-operation in organising training, workshops and conferences.
* Encourages communication at the interface between research and practice.
* Acts as a place to share and practice tools which are helpful in training and education.
* Gives members the opportunity to present their individual work to a larger international community.
* Serves as a place to network.
* Keeps members up to date on Diversity news (including job and contract opportunities).

Write or Contribute:  You are most welcomed to write an article or contribute on this website by providing your ready-made learning resources, case studies, corporate training programmes, etc. provided they are of good quality and suitable to the target audience. Your work shall be published on this website with your name, professional affiliation and email address so that thousands of daily visitors will be able to read it and the visitors can contact you directly if the need be.

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